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Around the world there exist different legislation and voluntary guidelines for recreational anglers targeting sharks and pelagic fish. Variation in rules reflects the different species likely to be encountered in different parts of the world and variation in environmental conditions (i.e. sea surface temperature) that are known to impact the post-release survival of sharks. The interactive map below shows known handling guidelines for sharks caught in recreational catch and release fisheries. To access the guidelines, click on the desired country and you will be directed to the relevant source material.






This list has been compiled from an extensive web search of government legislation and conservation advice in different languages, however there may be information missing. This map is therefore intended as a source of reference, however should not be treated as definitive. If engaging in catch and release fishing then we advise conducting further research into the most up-to-date legislation applicable. If you know of additional materials we should have listed, or the links provided here are out of date, then please get in contact with us here.

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